Zelda roms
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Play Your Favorite Zelda RPG Roms On Your PC, MAC, And ANDROID DEVICES!

Zelda Fans Now Have A chance to download and Play their favorite classic Zelda Video Game titles.

Zelda roms

It’s finally here! A place to call home for new and seasoned Zelda fans. Now instead of searching all over various ROM websites with huge databases of various ROMS. You can now find your favorite Zelda games in 1 place. That’s what I had in mind when designing this website. I figured what the hell. Why create a huge ROM website with a bunch of different game titles, when I can create something specific for a loyal & dedicated audience.

Now there would be no point to ask you if you’re a devoted Zelda fan because why else would you visit this site?

Zelda initially was released for the Family Computer Disk System in 1986, but it was also released a year later to the United States & Europe for the NES [Nintendo Entertainment System].

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but The Legend of Zelda was a huge hit for Nintendo and gamer’s as well. It sold over 6.5 million copies worldwide. It is still to this date recognized as one of the few games that influences developers into creating video games.

Hunting for these all of these working Zelda roms has been time consuming. A lot of the sites out there that have ROMS either have strange .exe files like {romsmania}, or they have the game on their site, but the link isn’t available. So needless to say is that I had to put in some serious work into finding all of the working ROMS while risking my PC along the way, but I came out clean lmao!

SO what all do you need to have to start playing a Zelda ROM? Just follow these 3 easy steps I’ve outlined for you, and you’ll be able to play any Zelda ROM of your choice

  1. 1. Pick out a Emulator of your choice. You can find an emulator here.
  2. 2. Browse through our collection of Zelda ROMS, and then choose the one you would love to play, and then download it to your device
  3. 3. Load the emulator up you just downloaded, and then select the Zelda ROM you downloaded from my site from the drop down menu.

All of these links will be updated on a weekly basis. However there is a chance that I might miss out on something. If you come across any type of error or such, or can’t find a certain Zelda game then all you need to do is hit me up on my contact page, and I’ll get back with you asap. I hope you enjoy your stay and find the Zelda ROM that you’re looking for!

List Of Zelda ROMS

The Legend Of Zelda The Minish Cap GBA ROM

The Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past

The Legend Of Zelda Majora’s Mask ROM

The Legend Of Zelda Wind Waker ROM

The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time

Zelda no Densetsu – Kamigami no Triforce

Zelda Breath Of The Wild ISO

The Legend Of Zelda Spirit Tracks ROM