the Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time rom V1.2

Legend Of Zelda, The – Ocarina Of Time N64 Rom

File Name The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time
File Size 25mb
Region USA
Year 1998
Console Nintendo 64
Genre Action, Adventure

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zelda ocarina of time n64 romThe Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time ROM is an action adventure video game that was released for the Nintendo 64 console. It hit the shelves in North American and Japan on November 1998, and Australia and Europe the next month.

The Ocarina of Time ROM is based around a fictional Kingdom known as Hyrule which is the same setting as most of the Legend of Zelda video game titles. It transpires after The Legend of Zelda Four Swords, and takes place before A Link to the Past. Hyrule Field is center of Hyrule which branches off into other regions that are rich with nature and beautiful features that house the Hyrule race.

Link is awoken by a fairy Nav from a horrible nightmare. A nightmare where he witnessed a guy on the back of a horse, in a suit of black armor, chasing a young women. Link follows the fairy Navi to meet the Great Deku who happens to be on the wrong side of death due to a curse. The Great Deku Tree reveals to Link that an “evil man from the desert ” has placed a curse on him & is trying to take over the world. Link realizes that he must do whatever he can to prevent that from happening. However, the Great Deku Tree passes away, but before that he hands Link a Spiritual Stone of the Forest & tells him to travel to the castle of Hyrule and talk with the princess.

While visiting the garden at the Castle of Hyrule, Link comes face to face with Princess Zelda. Princess Zelda thinks that Ganondorf (the Gerudo king) is out for the Triforce which is a relic of holiness that gives godlike superpowers to whomever possesses it.

Princess Zelda politely tells Link that he must take possession of the 3 spiritual stones. Once obtaining the 3 stones Link will then be able to walk inside of the Sacred Realm & get the Triforce before Ganondorf. Link sets off to grab sole possesion of the other 2 spiritual stones: the 1st from Darunia Leader of the Gorons & the 2nd from Ruto Princess of the Zoras. Link makes his way back to the Castle of Hyrule. It is then that he discovers Ganondorf riding a horse chasing Princess Zelda & Impa (her caretaker) just like in the nightmare, but his attempt to stopping that from happening fails. When Link enters the Temple of Time, he brings out the gift Zelda gave to him (The Ocarina of Time) as well as the 3 spiritual stones. With all of that in hand the door to the Sacred Realm opens. Upon entering the Sacred Realm Link discovers the Master Sword. He then removes it from its pedestal. Little did Link know is that Ganondorf had followed him inside of the Temple and claimed the Triforce.

ocarina of time n64 rom

7 odd years later, a more mature Link meets Rauru inside of the Sacred Realm. Rauru is 1 of the 7 sage’s who look over the entryway to the Sacred Realm. Rauru conveys to Link that his spirit was preserved for 7 years til he was old enough to hold the Master Sword & take out Ganondorf, who has took over Hyrule. All 7 of the sages can incarcerate Ganondorf inside of the Sacred Realm, but 5 of the sages are unaware of what they truly are. When Link returns to The Temple of Time he meets up with a mysterious Shiek, who gives him directions to 5 free temples free from Ganondorfs reach, and allows each of the sages inside of the temple’s to awaken. Link as a child had already made friends with the 5 sages who consist of: Darunia sage of the Fire Temple; Saria Sage of the Forsest Temple; Impa Sage of the Shadow Temple; Nabooru Leader of the Gerudos in the absence of Ganondorf, Sage of the Spirit Temple, and Ruto Sage of the Water Temple. Once the 5 sages awaken, the mysterious Sheiks exposes herself who happens to be Zelda, & the 7th Sage. Zelda conveys to Link that the Triforce was split apart into 3 pieces due to the heart of Ganondorf being unbalanced. Zelda took possession of the Triforce of Wisdom, Link took possession of the Triforce of Courage, and Ganondorf obtained the Triforce of Power.

Out of nowhere Ganondorf swoops in and kidnaps Princess Zelda, and imprisons her inside of the Castle. The rest of the 6 Sages accompany Link and help him penetrate the stronghold. Link then sets Zelda free after he crushes Ganondorf. But Ganondorf in a last ditch effort decided to demolish the castle hoping it would kill Zelda and Link.

Zelda and Link escape before the last bit of the castle crashes, but Ganondorf subdues from the rubble as a huge monster resembling a boar with the Triforce of Power. Ganon disarms Link from the Master Sword however with the help of Zelda, Link recovers the Master Sword & takes Ganon out 1 last time. Once everything is over the 7 sages imprison Ganondorf with the triforce of Power in the Dark Realm. Ganondorf swears that he will take revenge. Princess Zelda then uses the Ocarina of Time on Link to bring him back as a child. The fairy Navi leaves and the childlike Link Meets up with Zelda one last time in the castle garden of Ocarina of Time ROM .

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