The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker ISO

File Name The Legend Of Zelda Wind Waker
File Size 1gb
Region USA
Year 2002
Console Nintendo Gamecube
Genre Action, Adventure

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Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker ROM is an action adventure video game title created & distributed for the Nintendo Gamecube console by Nintendo. Wind Waker is the tenth Zelda title in the Zelda series, and was released on March 2003 in North American, December 2002 in Japan, and May of 2003 in Europe.

Wind Waker Game Plot** Since he became of age Link is embellishing the moment for the time being. A huge bird releases Captain Tetra in a forest on Outset Island.\. While Link eventually saves Captain Tetra from some evil monsters. The same bird decides to capture his sister Aryll. Captain Tetra tells Link that he will help him locate his sister, and the both of them depart to find where the Helmaroc King, and the big bird have the Forsaken Fortress. Link then looks for Aryll, and the rest of the girls who’ve been kidnapped, but the Helmaroc King captures Link, and then brings him to a man dressed in black, who eventually orders Link to be thrown into the lake.

Shortly after a talking boat rescues Link from the island of Windfall, the Red Lion King explains to Link that the birds owner is a revitalized Ganon. In order to take him out, Link has to search for the Hero of Time’s power, which needs 3 Pearls of the Goddesses. Link finally locates one of the Pearls “Din’s Pearl” on the island of Dragon Roost where avian Rito, & the Dragon Valoo live. The second Pearl “Farore’s Pearl, in the Haven Forest, where the Great Deku Tree & plant like Koroks live., and the last Pearl “Nayru’s Pearl” was found on the Outset Island where Jabun the water spirit resides. Link then makes way to the Tower of the Gods with assistance from The King of Red Lions, where he takes trial. Link is then sentenced in a castle under the ocean suspended in time. It is then that Link discovers the Master Sword which was previously used by the Hero Of Time. Link makes his way back to the Forsaken Fortress.

Legend of zelda Wind waker iso

Tetra’s team arrive and protect the young ladies, yet Ganon effortlessly overwhelms Link and Tetra: the Master Sword has lost its source of power. Ganon perceives Tetra’s Triforce neckband, and acknowledges she is the manifestation of Princess Zelda he is looking for. Connection’s Rito partners and Valoo spare Link and Tetra from Ganon. The King of Red Lions takes the two back to the submerged domain, clarifying it is the unbelievable kingdom of Hyrule, which the goddesses submerged long prior to contain Ganon while the general population fled to the peaks. The King of Red Lions uncovers himself to be Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule, the last King of Hyrule, and Tetra is his beneficiary, Zelda, guardian of the Triforce of Wisdom.

Zelda stays in the stronghold while Link and the King adventure to the two sages who gave the Master Sword’s capacity. They find Ganon’s powers killed them both, so Link must stir new sages: the Rito Medli and the Korok Makar. The sages reestablish the Master Sword, yet the King discovers that Ganon has relinquished the Forsaken Fortress, and fears an assault. They at that point find the eight shards of the missing Triforce of Courage, when kept by the Hero of Time, and the divine beings perceive Link as the Hero of Winds.

Connection and the King come back to Hyrule to find that Ganon has caught Zelda. Connection tails them to Ganon’s pinnacle, crushing Ganon’s flunkies previously Ganon defeats him. Ganon joins Link’s and Zelda’s Triforce pieces with his very own Triforce of Power, shaping the entire Triforce, which will give his desire to control the world. Before he can act, the King of Hyrule shows up and wishes that the Goddesses wash Ganon and Hyrule away, and give Link and Zelda seek after their own future. Connection and Zelda fight Ganon with the Master Sword and mysterious bolts as water pours around them; with the last blow, the Master Sword swings Ganon to stone. Connection and Zelda, coming back to her old shape as Tetra, ascend to the surface as the King and Hyrule are submerged. They are brought together with their companions; a post-credits scene for The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker ISO demonstrates the legends cruising off to locate another land.

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